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I am a descendant of Rabbi Shmuel Avigdor Tosefa 1806-1866. I try
to build my family tree but I still have a few questions that I
cannot find an answer. Maybe someone can help me.

Shmuel Avigdor born in 1806 in Slonim to Avraham RABINOVICH the son
of Chaya the daughter of Rivka the daughter of Zeev Wolf EPSTEIN son
of Mordechai VILNER-EPSTEIN son of Yehoshua EPSTEIN of Vilna. He
had a brother (maybe more) Nisan Yechiel that had a son Yosef.
Shmuel Avigdor was married to the daughter of Rabbi Zvi BROIDEA, his
brother-in-law was Benyamin DESKIN.

S.A. had 4 children

1. Yosef Zvi

2. Yehoshua Aryeh Leib had 2 sons (maybe more) Benyamin Aharon and
Moshe Chaim.

Benyamin Aharon married Freuda daughter of Zvi Hirsh and Maryusha
POMERANZ >from Malech, they had two other daughters that married to

Beyamin Aharon had an uncle Itzchak Isac EISENBERG his wife Meita
and daughter Chaya Rivka.

3. A daughter married Mordechai Leib SOLOVEITCHIK of Karlin

4. A daughter married Noach Eliyahu Hacohen SHAPIRA of Minsk.

1. I look for the followings names: The name of Shmuel Avigdor's
mother, his wife and daughters, the names of his son Yosef Zvi's
wife and his son Yehoshua Aryeh Leib's wife.

2. Names of the 2 Daughters of Zvi Hirsh POMERANZ and his parents.

3. How Itzchak Isac EISENBERG related to Benyamin Aharon.

I know that Benyamin Aharon had 4 Children: Yosef Chaim, Shmuel
Itzchak Devora? and Chaya? I look for more details.

Shmuel Rabinovich

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