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I've posted this often in the past but will try again, this time I
will try to follow up on the replies (after having gone on early

According to strong family belief, my grandfather (Chaim Yitzchak
ABRAMOWITZ)'s family are related to Rabbi Isaac Simcha HUREWITZ who
served in Hartford, Ct. during the latter years of the 19th and
first decades of the 20th cent.

There are many illusions to this, among them:

1. A "knowledge" (connection not confirmed) of a cousinship with his
cousin Reb' Shimon "Shoichet" HUREWITZ z"l of Petach Tikva, Israel.
Both the ABRAMOWITZ's and the PUCHOWITZ (HUREWITZ) families "know"
of this relationship but no one alive today seems to know the exact

2. When my great aunt, Miriam KATZIN (nee ABRAMOWITZ) a"h was
orphaned as a young child . Reb' Shimon HUREWITZ took her into his
home (a familial responsibility!?).

3. According to my mother, my grandparents emmigrated, from
Palestine, to Hartford in the 1930s since our relative was a rabbi
there at the time; the above Rabbi I.S. HUREWITZ. My mother spent
her high school years in Hartford, and Rabbi HUREWITZ children, "her
cousins," were her best friends.

4. I received a reply several years ago that Rabbi HUREWITZ as well
as Reb' Shimon "shoichet" were >from Novarodok, the same city from
where my ancestors emmigrated from.

To anyone in the "know" regarding this HUREWITZ family: One possible link
could be if there is a know connection to Reb' Dovid Novarodiker, the author
of the "Galia Mesechta", who served in the Rabbinate in Novarodok around the
end of the 18th beg of the 19th cent. According to one family source we are
descendants of Reb' Dovid's father.

I have CCed this message to the Horowitz family association.

Thank you,

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

P.S. My mother (Adina Katzoff)'s autobiography "A Child of the Dessert"
contains a chapter on Hartford of the 1930s.

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