MARCH from Dubiecko and USA #rabbinic

Tomer Brunner


I'm researching the MARCH (sounds like MARKH) family >from Dubiecko,
near Przemysl (Poland). Recently I was told by a relative (about
85 years old) that his great-grandfather was Rabbi Yoel - Klonimus
MARCH, who was Rosh-Beit-Din (Head of Rabbinical Court) in Dubiecko.
Does anyone know anything about him?

Also, I'm trying to locate living descendants of another person from
this family, who came >from Dubiecko to the USA, already before WWII,
and around 1946 was living in the Queens, NY area. His name was
*probably* Zalman MARCH. Can anyone suggest which records to search
for or in which cemeteries I should look for his burial place?

I'll appreciate any help.

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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