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Shlomo Gurevich

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According to strong family belief, my grandfather (Chaim Yitzchak
ABRAMOWITZ)'s family are related to Rabbi Isaac Simcha HUREWITZ
who served in Hartford, Ct. during the latter years of the 19th
and first decades of the 20th cent.
Rabbi Yitzhak Simcha Ha-Levi HURWITZ of Hartford, CT (1869-1936),
the author of "Yad Levi", a son of R. Dov Yosef is mentioned in
"Otzar ha-Rabbanim" and "Ohalei Shem".

Another Hartford rabbi who had a connection with the HOROWITZ family
was R. Yitzhak Chaim Avigdor who came to USA in 1848. In 1949 he
married Esther HOROWITZ (of unknown ancestry), and his mother was
Rachel Breindel HOROWITZ, the granddaughter of R. Avraham Chaim
HOROWITZ, ABD and AdMoR of Linsk, a grandson of R. Avraham Chaim
ABD of Linsk, a son of the famous R. Naftali Zvi, ABD Ropshitz.

This is the only information which I have. I would advise to post
your information to our Horowitz families Message Board at our
website at , click
on "Message Board".

Shlomo Gurevich <shl2gur@...>
The Horowitz Families Association
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