HALBERSTADT Family or Families #rabbinic


I am trying to learn more about a HALBERSTADT family that was in
Lissa (Posen) in the early 19th century, and may have had members in
Glogau (Silesia), about 30 km >from Lissa. Among other things, I am
interested in learning whether this family is related to the
rabbinic family of R. Zwi Hirsch ben Naphtali Herz HALBERSTADT
(also known as BIALEH) (1670-1748).

The starting point is Joel ben Hirsch HALBERSTADT of Lissa. Joel
died in Lissa (or was buried in Lissa) in October 1832. He was
married to Scheine bat Jacob (d.1826, Lissa). According to the
gravestone inscription of their daughter Chaje Sara AUERBACH, geb.
HALBERSTADT (d.1855, Ostrowo), her family were Cohanim. (She was
the wife of R. Menachem Mannheim AUERBACH (1773-1848).) Joel ben
Hirsch HALBERSTADT is mentioned in Louis LEWIN's "Geschichte der
Juden in Lissa" - but his profession is not given. Johanna, a
daughter of Joel and Scheine, married Joseph LAZARUS of Glogau in
1820. Some time after her husband's death in 1853, Johanna returned
to Lissa, where she died in 1868.

Among the Glogau records, Roger LUSTIG has found that there was a
Wolff (ben) Hirsch HALBERSTADT (b.1772), a contemporary of Joel
HALBERSTADT, and possibly a brother of Joel. He adopted the name
HALBERSTADT in Glogau in 1791-94 and was still resident there in
1812. But there, the information about Joel and actual or possible
parts of his family end.

The rabbinic HALBERSTADT family appears to have some connections to
Glogau and Lissa. Various parts of the family are described in the
Jewish Encyclopedia (1906; online), and the Encyclopedia Judaica
(1972), and Neil Rosenstein's "The Unbroken Chain". The EJ contains
an article on Zwi Hirsch ben Naphtali Herz BIALEH (aka HALBERSTADT)
(1670-1748), born in Lemberg, rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva in Biala,
Lemberg and Halberstadt. Zwi Hirsch had 5 sons who were rabbis:
R. Solomon Dov Berush in Glogau,
R. Naphtali Herz in Dubno (has entry in Jew.Enc. (1906)),
R. Abraham in Rawitsch,
R. Samuel in Halberstadt, and
R. Simchah in Dessau.

Zwi Hirsch also had a brother Israel b. Naphtali Herz (d.1744) who
lived in Cleves, Offenbach and Hanau.

This same rabbinic family is outlined In "The Unbroken Chain", p.558
et seq. and some members are said to have been in Lissa.

The question: Can anyone help determine whether Joel (haCohen)
HALBERSTADT's father, Hirsch HALBERSTADT, is part of the rabbinic
family described above? (Is that rabbinic family Cohanim?)

Thank you,
Stephen FALK -- Wayne, PA, USA -- sfalk81162@aol.com

R. Jehuda Loew b. Bezalel, MaHaRaL - Prague; R. Mordechai JAFFE, Lewusch
- Posen; R. Meir POSENER (MUNK), Beit Meir - Lissa, Danzig; R. Zwi
Hirsch KALISCHER, Drischat Zion - Lissa, Thorn; R. Jacob Jehuda Loebel
FALK, Dyhrenfurther Rav - Lissa, Dyhernfurth, Breslau; R. Moses Aron
BACH - Hohensalza, Schildberg, Mieschkow, Breslau; R. Jehoshua (Joshua)
Falk (aka NEUMOEGEN, aka VALENTIN), Binjan Jehoshua - Lissa, Breslau

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