Re: Rabbi Eliyahu LANDA(U) #general

Shlomo Katz <SKATZ@...>

On 2005.04.13, Yoni Ben_Ari <> wrote:

In a scribbled note with some family roots there is the name
R' Eliyahu LANDA (in Hebrew without the "vav").

The only comments I seem to have on him is that he was connected
somehow to my ggggreat grandfather R' Eliezer KANTOR [...]
The time frame should be mid-19th cent.
I don't know if this is the same person that you are referring to,
but R' Yitzchak Eliyahu LANDA (1781-1876) of Vilna and Dubno was a
prolific author of sefarim.

Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring MD

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