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On 2005.04.15, under a thread entitled "Abigail KATZENELENBOGEN,"
I wrote:

Incidentally, my research, blame no one but me, indicates that Saul
WAHL's wife Deborah DRUCKER is the daughter of David Yehiel RAPAPORT
who was called Yehiel the Madpis of Vienna. (Madpis and Drucker are
both translations of the word Printer)
I received queries about Deborah DRUCKER and her father David
DRUCKER, based on my earlier letter to RavSig. Here is the
information I was working from.

David DRUCKER was according to the memoirs of Rabbi Leon Modena the
son-in-law of Rabbi Samuel Judah KATZENELLENBOGEN. Samuel Judah was
the Chief Rabbi of the Padua and Venice communities but also in some
business ventures including the printing business with this
son-in-law who was married to Samuel Judah's daughter Miriam (Rachel
Miriam). Rabbi Leon Modena was the person who was called to give the
eulogy at Samuel Judah's funeral. David had been in business in
Vienna in a time when Jewish printing was highly constrained and
documented. David DRUCKER's son Israel Yehiel DRUCKER of Venice was
properly surnamed RAPA or RAPAPORT - this >from the fact that Israel
DRUCKER printed the book of Moshe RAPA "Pelagi Mayim" and described
the author as his brother. Israel Yehiel DRUCKER is also known as
the father of Rabbi Aryeh RAPAPORT of Vienna and Prague.

So my conclusion is that when Saul WAHL married Deborah DRUCKER, the
daughter of David DRUCKER, he was marrying his niece Deborah, the
daughter of David RAPA haKohen and Rachel Miriam KATZENELLENBOGEN.
It is not clear if Yehiel haMadpis and David DRUCKER (printers of
Venice) are the same man or father and son. Because we don't know
if "Yehiel ha Madpis" refers to David [Yehiel] the drucker or to
Israel son of Yehiel who was called Israel Yehiel. We know that
Israel Yehiel was the son of a Yehiel because his brother Moshe RAPA
called himself ben Yehiel in his book Pelagi Mayim. So even if David
was not the Yehiel haMadpis, his name still would have been David
Yehiel RAPA or Yehiel David RAPA.

David Yehiel RAPA DRUCKER had at least four children - a son Israel
(Israel Yehiel DRUCKER), a son Abraham Menahem RAPA (1569-author of
Hote Jair, fl 1628 who was a pupil of Samuel Judah KATZENELLENBOGEN),
a son Moshe RAPA (author of Pelagi Mayim) and Deborah DRUCKER

Deborah Glassman

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