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Chaim freedman

On 2005.04.18, Deborah Glassman <dgg2020@...> wrote:

David DRUCKER was according to the memoirs of Rabbi Leon Modena the
son-in-law of Rabbi Samuel Judah KATZENELLENBOGEN. [...] David had
been in business in Vienna [...] David DRUCKER's son Israel Yehiel
DRUCKER of Venice was properly surnamed RAPA or RAPAPORT [...]
So my conclusion is that when Saul WAHL married Deborah DRUCKER, the
daughter of David DRUCKER, he was marrying his niece Deborah, the
daughter of David RAPA haKohen and Rachel Miriam KATZENELLENBOGEN.
I think that Deborah Glassman has David DRUKER, the father-in-law of
Shaul WAHL (KATZENELLENBOGEN) confused with someone else.

David DRUKER lived in Brisk, not Vienna, Venice, or Prague. Nor was
he a RAPAPORT. There are many sources for the KATZENELLENBOGEN
family which mention him. See Rosenstein's "The Unbroken Chain" and
"Yesh Mankhilin."

"Daat Kedoshim" (page 84) refers to David DRUKER as "Hakatzin
Hanaaleh, MO"H David DRUKER, Parnes U manhig BBrisk DeLita". Note
that "Daat Kedoshim" also gives details of the RAPAPORT family and
does not connect them to David DRUKER.

None support Deborah's theory.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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