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Menachem Butler <menachembutler@...>

Dear Rav-SIGers:

Is anyone aware of genealogical and/or historical records about
Rabbi Jacob Z. LAUTERBACH (1873-1942)? Rabbi LAUTERBACH received his
rabbinic ordination >from the Orthodox Berlin Rabbinical Seminary
(though it was later revoked) and was later a professor at Hebrew
Union College in Cincinnati, and also the chairman of the Responsa
Committee for the CCAR (Reform) for nearly two decades.

I have checked the basic books [in English] relevant to Berlin
Orthodoxy of the late 19th and early 20th century and I have been
unable to find any substantial relevant information about him.

Any thoughts?

Chag Kasher ve-Sameach,

Thank you very much,
Menachem Butler

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