BUCHSBAUM/BUXBAUM from Nowy Sacs #rabbinic

Maly & Ofer Cohen

Dear friends,

Shalom. In the last months we had been collecting information,
aiming to compile a large family tree for the BUCHSBAUMS families of
Nowy Sacs and the surrounding areas. We are descendents of Moshe
[Segal, HaLevi] BUCHSBAUM (1824 - c. 1900) who named also Moishe
GOLDES (after his mother Golde). Moshe, probably was the son of
"Nathan the Dayan". We ask for additional information on the

A. Families:

BUCHSBAUMs >from Nowy Sacs (and abroad), that are descendants of
"Nathan the Dayan (Jewish judge)" and Golde (or of Yitzchak the
Dayan, probably Nathan's father).

BUCHSBAUMs >from Nowy Sacs (and abroad), that are descendants of he
following of Nowy Sacs: Aaron-Efrayim (b. before 1809), Yisrael (b.
1801), Yakov, Shimeon (b. 1815), Zelek (b. 1819).

B. Jewish Judges (Dayanim):

"Nathan the Dayan" (Segal, HaLEvi, BUCHSBAUM - or others) of Nowy
Sacz, in the years 1820-1860 (age of the "Divrei Chayim" - the first
ADMOR of Tzanz).

A Jewish judge, named Yitzchak >from Nowy Sacs, in about 1800-1850.

We have a detailed family tree for the descendants of "Moishe GOLDES."
Most of the branches of Moishe GOLDES's children have been located. Our
tree includes data for: Dov-Ber, Yitzchak (Krakow), Yerachmiel, Tuvia,
Abraham, Nathan-Mordechai (Limanova), Schifra. If someone has a family
tradition of being his descendant, **Please Contact Us**.

We will be grateful for any piece of information on this general

Best wishes and thanks in advance,

Chaya Cohen - Petach Tikva, Israel.
Ofer Cohen - Jerusalem, Israel.

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