Re: ADRET (RASHBA) Family in Israel #rabbinic

Mr L Reich <lreich@...>

On 2005.07.17, Irina Kunina <> enquired:

My family claims that we are related to the family of Rabbi Shlomo
ben Adret (RaSHBA) >from Barcelona. We also know that Adret family
moved >from Spain to Smirna (Turkey). Then they moved >from Smirna to
Israel in the 19th or 20th century and lived there in 1936. Can
anyone help us locate this rabbinical family in
The Hebrew biographical dictionary, "Yahaduth Hamizrach B'Eretz
Yisroel" by M.D.Gaon (Publ. Jerusalem 1938) has on p.701 brief
details and references to a few 18th & 19th Century members of
this family.

Incidentally, I always thought the family name was pronounced
Aderet, not Adret.

Leslie Reich

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