STERN and PANET Families #rabbinic

Miriam R. Taylor <mtaylor@...>


My name is Miriam Taylor, I am a descendant of Rabbi Ezekiel LANDAU
and Rabbi Yehuda KAHANA through my maternal grandfather Shaul Leib
STEINMETZ. In reminiscences my grandfather wrote in 1938, he
mentions that he is related to both Rabbi Moshe STERN of Polne
Ruscova (Poienile de sub Munte) and to Rabbi Moshe PANET of Dej. In
both cases the exact relationship is not clear, in the case of Rabbi
Moshe PANET it is probable that he was the grandson of Aharon Yaakov
Elimelech STEINMETZ, who was the great grandfather of my grandfather

If any of you have information relevant to my research, please write
to me at <>.

Miriam Taylor
Bloomington Indiana

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