R' Wunder's Family Trees #rabbinic

roe kard

I copied two rabbinic trees that relate to my family >from Meir
Wunder's book on Galician rabbis and in studying them now, without
the book's introduction to look at, am wondering about sons who did
not become rabbis. If, for example, a son became anything other than
a rabbi, a businessman for example, would he still be listed on
these family charts or does he get left out? Are the daughters all
included in the text because they marry into another rabbinic family
or could there be more daughters than get mentioned? Is there no
consistency and it just depends on the information that was
available to Wunder in his research? Is he totally, absolutely all
inclusive and the final word or are there other sources?

Thank you. B'shalom,
Karen Rosenfeld Roekard
Berkeley, Ca.

SPRITZER, KURZER, HAUSER, KOCH in Rawa Ruska, Belz, Magirov, Niemerow,
Potylitz, and towns in Eastern Galicia near these.

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