Rabbi Dr. Simon FRIEDMAN (Lubliniec) #rabbinic

Orit Lavi <orit@...>

Dear friends,

I would greatly appreciate any info regarding Rabbi Dr. Simon
FRIEDMAN >from Lubliniec (born about 1849), and his grandfather Rabbi
Simon LEVI >from Fordon. Is any of you familiar with their family

In addition I have got info saying that Rabbi Simon FRIEDMAN was
related to Akiwa EGER (perhaps second cousins). I would also like to
know the exact relation between them.

Lastly, is there any connection between Zippora LEVI, Mother of
Akiwa EGER born ca. 1711 (1720 according to another version), and
Rabbi Simon LEVI?

Many thanks

Orit Lavi
Tsukey-Yam, Israel

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