Re: R. David LANDAU of Dresden #rabbinic

Menachem Butler <menachembutler@...>

On 2005.08.10, Ruben Weiser <> wrote:

I am looking for information on Rabbi David LANDAU of Lissa and
Dresden and his family [...] and whether they were Levi'im.

For genealogical information about the LANDAU family of Dresden, see
the discussion in Walter Fales, "The Descendants of Wolf Fales: A
Chronicle of the Feilchenfeld Family as of June 1950" (New York,
1990). This book would certainly mention whether the LANDAU family
members were Levi'im.

A copy of "The Descendants of Wolf Fales..." is available at the
Dorot Jewish Division of the New York Public Library or at the
Center for Jewish History (both in New York), where I found this
copy. I do not recall whether "The Descendants of Wolf Fales..." was
in the Leo Baeck Collection or the collection of the American Jewish
Historical Society; both, however, are housed in the Center for
Jewish History.

I hope this helps,
Menachem Butler

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