FRANK & KARMEL - Babruysk, Belarus #rabbinic

Carol Graham <stukawife@...>

I have just been told that my great grandfather Jacob Kopel FRANK
was the son of a rabbi who married the daughter of a rabbi (Fanny
Judith KARMEL). I am told that Jacob was born in Babruysk, in June
of 1861. Jacob's father was Aaron, a rabbi?

So far I have not be able to find a trace of the FRANK branch of my
family before they arrived in the USA and started appearing in the
NYC census. I know they lived in the Bronx and in Brooklyn.

Jacob and Fanny are long gone, as are most of the family that would
have known anything. I am just hoping that because I have rabbis in
the family that that will provide some way to find something.

Carol Graham

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