Rabbinical research based on 18th century census records #rabbinic


Two interesting articles pertaining to Rabbinical families and based
on eighteenth century bridging records have been published by Chaim
Freedman on the Jewish Family History Foundation website
< www.jewishfamilyhistory.org >.

One is the family of the Vilna Gaon and proves Freedman's research
to establish the relative ages and order of the Gaon's sons.

The other, a new article resulting >from study and comparison of the
1765 and 1784 censuses of the Jewish community of Salant, Lithuania
reveals the family of the famous Rabbi Yosef Zundel SALANTER and
provides the name of a previously unknown ancestor.

The site includes other articles demonstrating the efficacy of
researching eighteenth century records >from the Grand Duchy of
Lithuania (which in modern times became the territory included in
Lithuania, Belarus, parts of Poland, and Ukraine.)

David Hoffman, Ph.D.
President, Jewish Family History Foundation

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