Re: Slobodka Yeshiva Pictures #rabbinic

Mr L Reich <lreich@...>

On 2005.12.06, Todd Brody <> asked:

> I.. am looking for the annual pictures >from the Slobodka Yeshiva
> where my grandfather and greatuncle attended. The years that I am
> lookingfor are the mid to late 20s through the move to Hebron. YIVO
> has the 1922 and 1937 photos. But if you know of sources for any of
> the other photographs, I would be greatly appreciative.

In 2002 Feldheim in Jerusalem published the Hebrew book "Hamashgiach
R' Meir" a biography of R' Meir Chadash, the Mashgiach of the Chevron
Yeshivah, written by his daughter Rebbetsen Shulamit Mizrachi.

In effect this work is a history of Slabodka/Chevron which includes
many photographs of the desired era.

Leslie Reich (a one time pupil of the saintly R' Meir)

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