Re: Slobodka Yeshiva Pictures #rabbinic

Shlomo Katz <SKatz@...>

On 2005.12.06, Todd Brody <> asked:

I.. am looking for the annual pictures >from the Slobodka Yeshiva
where my grandfather and greatuncle attended. The years that I am
looking for are the mid to late 20s through the move to Hebron. YIVO
has the 1922 and 1937 photos. But if you know of sources for any of
the other photographs, I would be greatly appreciative.
On 2005.12.13, Leslie Reich <> responded:

In 2002 Feldheim in Jerusalem published the Hebrew book "Hamashgiach
R' Meir" a biography of R' Meir Chadash, the Mashgiach of the Chevron
Yeshivah, written by his daughter Rebbetsen Shulamit EZRACHI.

In effect this work is a history of Slabodka/Chevron which includes
many photographs of the desired era.
I am in the middle of reading the referenced book; in fact, I am up
to the page that has the 1922 picture. There are many pictures of
individual students as well. So far, I have not noticed other
pictures of the whole Yeshiva.

Shlomo Katz

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