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Tomer Brunner

On 2005.12.16, Eric Friedman" <radonc1970@...> wrote:

My great-grandfather Shlomo Yitzchak (Ignac) FRIEDMANN attended the
Pressburg Yeshiva in the time period ~1895-1905. I'm trying to find
a record of him in the Yeshiva and a photo of him if possible. I'd
appreciate any help or advice that anyone might have in obtaining
this information.
Few years ago I spoke with Rabbi Karpfen, who is the manager of the
Pressburg Yeshiva in Givat-Shaul in Jerusalem. He told me that they
don't have records >from the period the Yeshiva was in Slovakia.

Some photos of students do exist.

I know of at least 2 photos (with names) >from around 1935-1937 and
one (without names) >from around 1901 (I believe that only few of the
students at that time are in the photo) This last one can be seen in
the ViewMate archives at:
(Thanks to Pamela Weisberger for putting it there!)

Another photo >from around 1899, if I remember correctly, was
included in a book about the students of the Pressburg Yeshiva,
which was published last year by "Machon Zikaron" (research
institute of rabbis and communities of Hungary), Bnei-Brak.

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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