Picture of the Yismach Moshe #rabbinic

Todd Brody

I have previously seen a drawing of Moses TEITELBAUM, the Yismach
Moshe, in various books and on the internet. However, now that I am
actually trying to find that drawing, I have had no luck. If anyone
can direct me to a site where that picture appears I would be most

Todd Brody
Englewood, NJ

Searching: BRAUDE (Telz, Alsiad, Plotel), GLASS (Sandomierz, Montreal),
ROSENBERG (Skaryszew, Montreal), GROSSER (Sieniawa, Przemysl, Jaroslaw),
LAMM (Sieniawa, Przemysl, Jaroslaw), FRANKFORT (Sieniawa), ARFA (Biezun,
Zuromin, Sierpc, Plock), MAJ ((Biezun, Zuromin, Sierpc, Plock).

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