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On 2006.01.23, Todd Brody <> writes:

I am very confused about the various Yaakov Koppels who lived in the
1700s. I have the following names:

Yaakov Koppel Hasid
Yaakov Koppel Likover
Yaakov Koppel Charif
Yaakov Koppel of Mezhirech
Koppel is a kinnuy of Ya`akov (Jakob -> Jakoble -> Kopele). You can
assume that every Koppel is a Ya`akov.

I found information on three of the above

Jacob Koppel Ben Aaron Sasslower (second half of 17th century),
authority on the masoretic text and cantillation, and author of a
work on the masorah. Jacob Koppel came >from Zaslavl near Ostrog
(Volhynia). He was the author of Nahalat Ya'akov (1686).

Jacob Koppel Ben Moses of Mezhirech (d. c. 1740), Polish kabbalist.
Jacob was influenced by the Shabbatean movement in Poland, and he
himself influenced Hasidism. His main published works are: Sha'arei
Gan Eden (Korets, 1803).

Jacob Harif was Av Bet Din of Leszniow and the province of Podolia.

Michael Bernet, New York

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