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Israel P

As has been mentioned here before, the offices of Kollel Hibat Zion
(120 Mea Shearin Street, Jerusalem) hold handwritten records of
collections in Galician towns and cities to help support the
Galicianers living in Jerusalem. These files are for the years
~1925-1938, earlier files having been lost when the Old City fell.

The records of the collections are in two metal filing cabinets and
are arranged in eighty-three loose leaf folders in alphabetical
order (Hebrew letters). The purpose of this post is to advise that
the list of communties is now online at
with my best efforts at giving the town names in Latin letters.
I am quite sure that this can be improved upon but I would really
appreciate it if corrections were limited to certainties, not guesses.
(We already have enough of those.)

The actual records, which sometimes reflect several collections each
year, do not tell much more than the fact that a particular person
lived in a particular town in a particular year (and how much he
contributed), but there is additional information in some cases.

The records are generally in Hebrew, but at least a few years of
Jaroslav collections (and maybe others as well) have the names in
Latin letters.

As Jacob Rosen said to me earlier this evening, "there is an ocean
of material there" and it is not realistic to think that much can
be gained >from a casual lookup.

Although the kollel is a private organization and these files are not
public property, they are quite good about letting people come in and
look through them, although anyone doing so should be aware of their
sensibilities. And a contribution to the kollel is in order for
anyone spending significant time there.

Their definition of Galicia is somewhat different >from ours, as it
does not include an arc of communities >from Buczacz to Skalat in the
southeastern corner of East Galicia. The files also include Karlsbad,
which while not being in Galicia, certainly had transient and/or ex-
patriate communities which would have supported the brethren in the
Holy Land. Files 84-85 include contributions >from German communities
and that list too is linked >from the above URL, with translation.
(There seem to be no such records >from the largest ex-patriate
community in Europe - Vienna.)

The kollel office also has journals with records of disbursements to
Galicianers in Jerusalem going well back into the 1800s and some
burial records which they say are not in the records of the Hassidic
Burial society.

Israel Pickholtz

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