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Mordechai Heymann <Marc@...>

On 2006.02.03, Avraham Ofek <> WROTE:

Can anyone please tell me the genealogy of the MaHaRal of Prague?
Ancestors and decendants. Is there a connection with the Lubavitcher
Go to <>. I have a "proposed" link back to
Dovid HaMelech and some lines of descendants relevant to my family
& several others if you search the databases you will find a
little of the genealogy

Yes, there is a link to the Rebbeim of Lubavitch -

The Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel SCHNEERSON) is the 14th great
grandson of the MaHaRaL

Also Daniel Loeb has extensive genealogy related to the MaHaRal
m'Prague. Go to

Shavua Tov

Mordechai Heymann
Melbourne Australia

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