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On 2006.02.18, Logan J. Kleinwaks <> wrote:

Images of handwriting of the following rabbis can be found online
at <>
Many thanks to Logan Kleinwaks for letting us know about this
important source of rabbinical authographs.

There are some other sources which might be very usefull for us:

1) a Hebrew book titled: Tosefet LaChatima, by Moshe Arie Bar-Yuda,
printed in Tel-Aviv around 1954-1958. It has a large collection of
Authographs of many rabbis.

2) a Hebrew book: Shnot Dor VaDor. published by Artscroll. 1st part
published in 1999 and second in 2004. It is a collection of letters
and community documents, authored by famous rabbis and others. The
book shows the original documents and the transcription.

3) letters by rabbis can be found in many Judaica archives around
the world. For example I can tell that last year I was searching
the catalogue of the manuscript departement of the Jewish National
Library (in Jerusalem) and found out that they have a microfilm with
a collection of letters which were sent to Rabbi Shlomo KLUGER of
Brody. Most letters were written circa 1865. Among the letters
there was one by Rabbi Yosef-Moshe TEICHER (c. 1803-1888) who was
Rosh-Beit-Din in Przemysl (Poland). Rabbi TEICHER is my
g-g-g-g-grandfather and this is the only manuscript that I have seen
from him! The original collection is at Columbia university in NY.
Maybe it can be a basis for a RavSIG project? - making a list of such
documents and their location!

(*) Jewish national and university library:
There you can find the books catalugue and also the manuscript one.
For books catalugue (a united catalogue of all Israeli university
libraries) go to Catalogues --> ULI .
For the manuscript catalogue go to Catalogues --> Kyriat Sefer and
in the " select database " field choose "Manuscripts."

(*) It is possible that not all manuscripts are in the on-line
catalogue, so its worth visiting the libraray and search the card
catalogue too.

Best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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