R' Yitzhak Mordechai (HaLevi) EPSTEIN - Kossovo/Slonim #rabbinic

Paul & Irene Berman <ikpjb@...>

I have carefully, but unsuccessfully, searched the EPSTEIN
genealogical tables that Dr. Neil Rosenstein has published in his
book "The Luria Legacy" for Rabbi Yitzhak Mordechai (HaLevy)
EPSTEIN, who lived in either Kossovo or Slonim, or both. He lived
c. 1820-1880. His relative Nechemia EPSTEIN (same estimated dates)
most likely lived in Slonim.

Rabbi Yitzhak Mordechai had six children including a son, Yosef
(Joseph) and five daughters. He and Nechemia each had a daughter
called Chaya (Ida), both of whom lived in Kossovo prior to their
immigration to the U.S..

Can anyone direct me to other sources, preferably in English, or -
only if fairly well organized - in Hebrew, but not Yiddish, and
where I can find them? I live in Israel and would need to be able
to access the material here.

If anyone can offer me information on either of the above EPSTEINs,
I shall be grateful.

Irene Berman
Shoham, Israel

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