Children of Itzele ben Chaim Volozhiner #rabbinic


Dear Siggers,

Maybe somebody can help me pursue this problem. I found the Volozhin
Yizkor Book and it has a lot of information about my ancestors Rabbi
Chaim Volozhin and his son Itzele (1780-1849). It gives the names of
four of Itzele's children, Eliyohu Zalmen, Rivke, Reyne-Basye, and
Rekhl. But it also mentions two others without giving their names.
How can I find out what their names were. I don't think that this is
impossible because according to historian Michael Stanislawski,
Itzele was probably the best known Russian Jew in his generation.


Charles Nydorf
Researching the Yisroylim branch of the SOLOVEICHIK family

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