R. Moses of Copenhagen [was: R. Moses of Copenhagen & Joel SIRKES] #rabbinic

Nancy Holden

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1) I would appreciate any information concerning an 18th century Rav
known as 'the Great Rabbi Moses of Copenhagen.'
The genealogy of the daughter (Miriam) of Moses of Copenhagen can be
found on the Website of the KALER family http://www.eliezerkaler.com

Moses of Copenhagen was the son of "Rosh Josef" and the daughter of
Moses of Vilna (Moses Kramer). "Rosh Josef" was the son of R. Jacob
of Pinchov descendant of Jacob Polak (whether he was a grandson or
great grandson is unclear). This has been previously reported in
many sources.

The connections to the BaCH are through the marriage of the daughter
of Solomon Zalman son of Yoel SIRKES wife of Moses of Copenhagen.
His ancestors were Yoel son of Aryeh Leib son of Shmuel son of the
BaCH. Shmuel was the brother of Rivkah married to the TaZ. When
Shmuel and Rivkah died...David Ha Taz married the wife of Shmuel
(also Rivkah) daughter of Abraham Schor.

This information of the descent was researched >from information left
in the "approbation" in the manuscript by HaDerushim Chemsat Yamim
by Eliezer Kaler of Amstibava.

For more information see the original documents on

Nancy Collier Holden

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