Re: Two questions: Military, Michigan #courland #latvia

martha <martha@...>

I beg your respective pardons for this very late response to Max
Michaelson's posting regarding help for Betsy. I have been buried in
work on the program for the Jerusalem 2004 Jewish genealogy
conference. By the way, there will be several talks related to
Courland/Latvia/Baltics which should be of great interest to all of
you. In addition, we will have the priviledge of hosting one of the
wonderfully knowledgeable archivists >from Riga, who will be talking
about Courland.

Max mentioned:

A good source for information about Tsarist Russia in English is the Jewish
Encyclopedia (New York: Funk and Wagnall's, 1905),
I thought you would like to know that this work is online at:

The article on Courland is by Herman Rosenthal and covers early
history, under Polish rule, Pilten, Hasenpot and Polangen, other
parts of Courland, Kallman Borkum, and intellectual status. Some of
these have live connections [or whatever the technical term is] on
which you can double click to other related articles.

Hope to see many of your Courlanders this year in Jerusalem!!

Pessach sameach! Martha
Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, Ph.D.
The 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
July 4-9, 2004

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