Wife of R' Abraham Tzvi Hirsch EISENSTADT, Lithuania/Russia #rabbinic

Eric Friedman <radonc1970@...>

Hi All,

I've found out that the wife of Rabbi Abraham Tzvi Hirsch
EISENSTADT, the author of "Gates of Repentence" (c.1836), was the
sister of my maternal great-great-great-great grandfather Yaakov
MATZ. I've traced the MATZ family to Kovno and Utena.

I don't know the name of Rabbi EISENSTADT's wife.

I'd like to know if anyone has researched the ancestry of Rabbi
EISENSTADT's family, and if so, if they've researched the ancestry
of his wife (who may have had the surname MATZ, JAFFE, RABINOWITZ,
or no surname at all).

The only information I have regarding the ancestry of Rabbi
EISENSTADT's wife is that her father's surname might have been
JAFFE, and that one of her brothers might have been named Mordechai
JAFFE, and another brother might have taken the surname RABINOWITZ.

Thanks so much!

Eric Friedman
Washington DC

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