Rabbi Moshe Aaron POLIYER of Kobrin #rabbinic



I'm researching the PALEVSKY family, who are apparently mostly
descended >from Rabbi Moshe Aaron POLIYER of Kobrin (Belarus). I
have some information gleaned >from various articles on the web, as
well as a partial genealogy that someone else did many years ago.
However, I would like to tap other resources, including original
source material, and am hoping someone on this list can help.

You can see the details of my PALEVSKY research here:


These are the online sources that I've already found that mention Rabbi


In summary, these sources say:

Rabbi Moshe was a follower of Rabbi Mordechai of Lyakhovichi, as
well as Mordechai's son Noah. He became Admur of Kobrin in 1833 and
was the first Rebbe of the Kobrin Dynasty. He wrote a book on the
teachings of Rabbis Mordechai and Noah. Rabbi Moshe's teachings are
in a book called "Imros Taharos". He was founder of the Slonim
Dynasty, which was first led by a pupil and then his grandson
Noah-Naftali of Kobrin. Rabbi Moshe and his son Israel Jacob PALER
are listed in "Otzar haRabbanim". His last name is given variously
as PALER, FALER, PELIER, PELLIER. Some of his descendants used
PALEVSKY which was a surname in Lyakhovichi until the twentieth
century. Rabbi Moshe died in 1858.

In addition, there are PALEVSKY descendants of the Vilna Gaon.
Chaim Freedman's book "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the
Vilna Gaon," shows Yehudah PALEFSKY married Sarah Gittel PENCHUK, a
direct descendant of the Vilna Gaon. A note in the book says that
Yehudah is reputed to be a brother to Rabbi Moshe POLIER. Most of
the PALEVSKY information in the book was submitted to Chaim Freedman
by a researcher Sam Chwat -- I've attempted to get in contact with
him, but have yet to hear back.

Anyone with access to the referenced Imros Taharos and Otzar
haRabbanim please contact me. Are there any other resources that I
should tap?

My Hebrew knowledge is pretty much limited to reading matzevahs and
synagogue prayer books (not fluently), so any and all assistance in
locating and obtaining source materials in Hebrew would be greatly
appreciated. I do have someone who can translate any Hebrew
materials that I'm able to obtain.

Thank you!

Elise Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland
Palevsky: A Genealogical Study

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