R' Shalom Mordechai HaCohen SCHWADRON #rabbinic

Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Dear Friends,

I am seeking help with family SCHWADRON.

from a 1921 Ellis Island entrance to New York &#150; Simon and Marif
SCHWADRON (who became known as Samuel and Mary) were born in
Podkamen (was Galicia, then Poland, now Ukraine) and last place of
residence was Cwitowa.

Simon was born in 1892 and Mary 1893 - I have knowledge of their

The family wish to know if they are in fact descended >from the
famous Rabbi Shalom Mordechai HaCohen SCHWADRON &#150; born in 1835 in a
village in the Zelochov district in Eastern Galicia.

We do know that Simon&#146;'s parents were Joshua and Beatrice,
apparently they too came to the United States, although I cannot
find their entry details, I presume their original names would have
been Aviezer and Beila? &#150; please feel free to correct me&#133;.. they
must have been born in abt. the 1860&#146;s-70&#146;s.

Does anyone have a SCHWADRON family tree that bears the above names?

Additionally we would like to find out if Simon had other siblings,
we only know of one, a sister called Regina born in 1901.- she also
entered Ellis Island in 1921.

Any information on the SCHWADRON family would be gratefully

Thank you

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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