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Larry Tauber <ltauber@...>

On 2006.05.14, Shoshana L. Boublil <toramada@...> wrote:

The matzeiva also states that he "Hirbitz Torah BaRabim" and [...]
"Shiyef v'eal, shiyef venafak" [...]
Why would this be inscribed on a kever? Does the usage give a hint
to the place this man came from?
Regarding the inscription "Hirbitz Torah BaRabim" which means he
spread Torah to the public, this can mean anything >from him being a
teacher (in any type of Yeshiva, for children or more advanced, or
even giving informal classes), or someone who supported education
(e.g., monetarily).

The second inscription meaning stooping or bending on entering a
room and on going out is an expression to connate that he was an
extremely humble man, which is considered an extremely desirable
and complimentary character trait.

Larry Tauber
New York, New York

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