Re: Shochtim/Ritual Slaughterers #rabbinic

Larry Tauber <ltauber@...>

On 2006.05.23, Karen Rosenfeld <> wrote:

Both of my grandfathers were Shochtim (and Bodkim) in Galicia [...]
my parents implied that the Schochtim [...] had to be impeccable in
reputation and behavior. Is this just parents trying to impress
children with a sense of Yichus? [...]
I assume the position was hereditary?
A schochet did have to have a good reputation and be considered a
personal of high moral standing otherwise he would not be trusted to
be acting properly. Many shochtim had Yeshiva backgrounds and even
smicha since they had to know the laws of kashrut and ritual
slaughter. In smaller communities, the rabbi may have also acted as
the shochet (as was the case with my grandfather who was the rabbi
of a congregation in Greenfield Park, NY and was also the shochet).
The position is not hereditary, although I suppose that many
shochtim did teach their children the trade.

Larry Tauber
Staten Island

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