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Nachum Tuchman

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Does anybody know whether R. Baruch haLevi EPSTEIN had any siblings
or children, and where one can find genealogical information about
them? I did, of course, look at Mekor Baruch.

I have nothing on Rav Baruch's children, although I remember reading
that he has descendants in the US. He had, I believe, at least two
sons. At least one of them went to the States.

Rav Baruch himself went to the States, I believe that I have found
him in the EIDB in 1923. He was unable to find work, and went back
to Europe. He was later murdered in the Shoa in 1942, at age 84.

Although one of the greatest rabbis of his generation, it seems that
he never made a living >from his Torah knowledge. In Europe he was a
banker. I have read that many people trusted him with their money
due to his piousness.

He had a brother named R' Dov Ber. All that I know about him is
that he made aliyah to Jerusalem.

He also had a sister named Batia Miril. She was the second wife of
the Netziv, R' Naphtali Tzvi Yehuda BERLIN, who was also her uncle.
The Netziv's sister was the wife of R' Yehiel Michel Halevy EPSTEIN,
father of Rav Baruch and his siblings. (In the Torah Temima, when
Rav Baruch quotes the Netziv, he calls him his uncle. I don't
recall if he ever mentions his name, and he certainly doesn't refer
to the Netziv as his brother-in-law.) The Netziv, >from his first
wife, was the son-in-law of R' Yitzchak of Volozhin, and replaced
him as head of the Yeshiva there. The Netziv and Batia Miril had a
son named R. Chaim BERLIN who died in Israel in 1913. He changed
his last name to Bar Ilan, and the University in Israel is named for

I wish I knew more.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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