Re: R. Baruch haLevi EPSTEIN (the Torah Tmimah) #rabbinic

For starters, Rav Chaim BERLIN (born either 1828 or 1832 & niftar in
1932) was the older half-brother of Rabbi Meir BAR ILAN.

Rav Chaim's two sisters (Sara Rasha, and when she died, Dreizel,
were married to Rav Refoel SHAPIRO, son-in-law of the "Netziv'
(Harav Naftali Tzvi BERLIN), who eventually became a Rosh Yeshiva
of the Volozhiner Yeshiva and was the father-in-law of Harav Chaim
SOLOVEITCHIK, the Brisker Rav and also a Rosh Yeshiva of the
Volozhiner Yeshiva.

(see Making of a Godol: a study of episodes in the lives of great
Torah personalities by Rabbi Nathan Kamenetsky)

As to Rav Baruch haLevi EPSTEIN, I came across information of a
daughter whose married name was Cecilia EPSTEIN BAKST.
Unfortunately I cannot locate the source, however I seem to recall
that this Cecilia EPSTEIN BAKST had a copyright on the printing of
the Torah T'mimah in 1928 and was referred to as a daughter.

Information on Rav Baruch haLevi EPSTEIN can be found in the
following books:

Mekor Baruch an autobiographical work on life in the Volozhin
written in Hebrew.

Rabbi Baruch Epstein (translated by Rabbi Moshe Dombey). My Uncle
the Netziv. Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah publications ltd, 1988.

Rabbi Barukh ha-Levi Epstein Author of Torah Temimah, Jerusalem
1967 by A. Z. Tarshish,


Rabbi Arye Don Gordon
Los Angeles

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