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Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>

On 2006.08.01, Chaim Freedman <> wrote:

There was a WINKLER family which was of rabbinic ancestry and my
interest stems >from my research for the genealogy advisory committee
of Davidic Dynasty.
I know of 2 Hungarian Rabbis with this surname, but I have no
details about their ancestry.

1) Rabbi Mordeachai Yehuda WINKLER.
He was born around 1844 in Slovakia to his parents Naftali and Leah.
Later he became rabbi of some communities, the last was Mad,

Many details about him can be found in the book "Temunat HaGedolim"
by Avigdor Katzburg (published in Hungary, 1925, while Rabbi Winkler
was still alive).

2) Rabbi Moshe WINKLER of Martinsberg.

I hope this helps.

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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