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MOSKOWITZ - Rabbi Yoel MOSKOWITZ, who was a rabbi in the town of
There were two rabbis with this name. I assume you mean the first
Rabbi Yoel, because the second, his grandson, though he was born in
Shatz (or as it is pronounced by his descendants, Shotz) never acted
as rabbi there, to my knowledge.

The first Rabbi Yoel MOSKOWITZ of Shatz was the son of Rabbi Chaim
of Satnov, son of Rabbi Yosef of Yampol, son of the Maggid, of
Zlochov (Zloczow), Rabbi Yechiel Mechil. He was the son of Rabbi
Yitzchak of Drohobycz.

Rabbi Yoel MOSKOWITZ's mother is often said to have been the
daughter of Rabbi Mordechai of Neshchiz. His grandson, the second
Rabbi Yoel, said that he never heard that his great-grandmother was
the daughter of the Rabbi of Neshchiz, and he certainly would have
known if it were true. Yitzchak Alfasi, in HaChasidut, wrote that
Rabbi Yoel was the grandson of the rabbi of Neshchiz but later

Rabbi Yoel married Miriam Chaya, the daughter of Rabbi Meir (the
second) of Premishlan (Przemyslany).

I know of two of his sons, Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Moshe of Sulitze
and Rabbi Meir of Shatz.

Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Moshe MOSKOWITZ married Feiga, a descendant
of Eidel, daughter of Rabbi Shalom ROKEACH of Belz. Rabbi Mordechai
Yosef Moshe's son, Shalom, married his uncle Meir's daughter,
Shlomtza. He became the Shatzer rebbe of London. He had many
children, including most of today's Shatzer rebbes, such as those
of Ashdod, Jerusalem, etc.

Rabbi Meir MOSKOWITZ married Dinah, daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak RUBIN
(a descendant of the Rabbi of Ropshitz/Ropszice) and Eidel, daughter
of Rabbi Shalom ROKEACH of Belz. After Dinah's death, Rabbi Meir
married Vita.

Rabbi Meir had several children >from both marriages. Among them are
Shlomtza, mentioned above, >from his first marriage, and Rabbi Yoel
from his second. Rabbi Yoel married Miriam Chaya, daughter of Rabbi
Shalom MOSKOWITZ above. He lived in London, Montreal, Canada and in
Jerusalem after Miriam Chaya's death. He had three children, all

P. Y. Mund

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