To help you in your family research, I suggest that you do a
"google" search on these names. All of these names are from
prominent Chasidic families and dynasties. Aside >from information
online, there are numerous books on these rabbis and the Dynasties
that they come >from (Artscroll, Feldheim, Targum are some of the

Start with specific names and then move on to more general listings,
if you do not find what you want.

For example, you may not find a specific listing for "Rabbi Yoel
MOSKOWITZ" of Shatz (Shotz). However a search on "Shotz" or
"MOSKOWITZ" may do the trick.

As for HALBERSTAM, there is an extensive posting of family trees and
branches at (thanks to
Daniel E. Loeb and others) that are pretty accurate.

Good hunting,
Rabbi Arye Don Gordon
Los Angeles

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