Re: Descendancy from the Kotzker #rabbinic

On 2006.08.23, Linda Greenbaum <> writes:

According to family lore, my husband, David, is a sixth generation
descendent of the Kotzker Rabbi. We believe he is descended >from a
child of Menachem Mendel and his first wife, Glicke. Does anyone
know the name(s) and birth dates of their children( besides Dovid
Dear Linda,

While I am sure that there are people who would like to help, you
will have to provide more information, like names of your husband's
parents, grandparents and so on.

There was a daughter (Sarah Zinnah MORGENSTERN) who married Avraham
BORENSTEIN, the 1st Sochatchover Rebbe, author of the Avnei Nezer.

Rabbi Arye Don Gordon
Los Angeles, US

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