STEINBERG (Keydan and NY) #rabbinic


The translation given to me of the Yiddish inscription on my
ggrandfather's tall obelisk tombstone in Washington Cemetery,
Brooklyn, says he is Rav haGaon Yisroel Tzadok STEINBERG (1837-1926)
son of Shlomo Zalman >from Keiden.

It also says he was great among those who knew Torah and stems from
sages. His wife, Yetta Rivka (1842-1913), a teacher, daughter of
Reb Yosef >from Rosein is buried next to him.

How can I learn more about these men? I could not find them on the
rabbinic database of JewishGen. I believe Yisroel Tzaddok
(Israel/Isadore?) came to NY about 1880.

I would appreciate help.

Estelle Guttman
Reston, VA

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