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In the book "Hasidism: The Movement and its Masters" there is
mention of "Rabbi Feivel of Grice, the son-in-law of Bergson."

Can anyone tell me anything about Rabbi Feivel and/or which Bergson
is being referred to?
Rabbi Feivel of Grice was the father of the first Chassidic Rebbe of
Alexander - Rabbi Yechiel DANZIGER, and was a great Chassidic Leader
and Torah Scholar in his own right.

His son and later his grandchildren (the "Yismach Yisroel" and the
"Tiferes Shmiel") continued the dynasty in the Polish city of
Alexander - a suburb of Lodz. His great-grandson (the "Akeidas
Yitzchok") was the last Alexander Rebbe before the war and he
perished in the Holocaust. As no direct male descendants survived
WWII, various grandchildren (through daughters) in the DEMBINSKY,
TYBURG and SINGER families, were and are the Alexander Rebbes of

M Rappoport

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