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On 2007.03.06, Gilbert Hendlisz <> wrote:

[...] tries to connect this Rabbi Meir to reknown rabbis like Rashi
or the Gaon Rabbi Luria [...]
So, who wrote this book, where and when. Who are the people
mentioned and how can they be related to a rabbi in Lask in the
beginning of the 1700s?
A quick look up in a couple of seforim gives us a partial answer to
Gilbert Hendlisz's query.

The commentary "Yeday Moshed" on the Midrash Rabbah can be found in
the Wilna (Romm) edition, together with the preface by the author's
son. It was first published around 1692. The author was Rabbi Yaakov
Moshe ben Avrohom Hellin (or Heller) (there is a Heller ancestry
mentioned) Ashkenasi. The preface says that he was a descendant of
the MaHRSHaL, the famous 16th Century R' Shlomo Ashkenasi (this I
presume accounts for the putative Rashi connection).

Other details of his wife's ancestry (his f.i.l. R' Yehuda Leib
H.Y.D. was known as R' Shemaya's Segal Heller) and the assistance
given to the son by R' Dovid Oppenheim are given in this preface.

Turning to Lask, the work "Ir Lask" by Pinchos Zelig Gliksman (Lodz
1926) has a fair amount of information about a Rabbi Meir ZILCH. I
presume this is the ancestor Gilbert referred to. He was named after
the town Zilichau (nr. Berlin) where he was born around 1746. He
died in 1826 having enjoyed a feeling of mutual respect with R'
Akiva Eger and several other well known contemporaries. He was the
rabbi of Lask for about 45 years and had distinguished sons named
Shmuel, Aryeh Leib, Yechiel Mechel and Avrohom. This work
(reprinted Jerusalem in 1968) also lists a son-in-law and a number
of prominent descendants.

There must be a lot more material on these in other reference works,
but my cursory scan did not find any connection between R' Yaakov
Moshe Hellin and R' Meir ZILCH.

Incidentally, much genealogical and biographical information on
Middle European rabbis and other prominent figures can be found in
an appendix entitled "Chelkay Avonim" published in the three-volume
responsa (Jerusalem 1982) of the above mentioned Rabbi D. Oppenheim
called "Nishal Dovid." The editor and publisher was Rabbi Feld OBM
of London. The same Rabbi Feld also published in 1986 another work
of great interest to genealogists; the rescue of a tattered
disintegrating 17th Century manuscript entitle "Yesh Manchilin (or
Yesh Menachalin) in the Oxford Bodlean Library, the memoirs of
R' Pinchos Katzenellenbogen to which Rabbi Feld added comprehensive
notes. This work is the earliest source of the legend/myth regarding
R Shaul Wahl, said to have been King of Poland for a 1586.
This work was the main source for the better known work "Gedulat
Shaul" published by Edelman in London in 1844. I understand that our
esteemed RavSigger, Dr. Neil Rosenstein, has just published a new
work about R. Saul Wahl.

Leslie Reich, Manchester

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