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Is there an index (alphabetical) for the Vailaket Yosef?
Vailaket Yosef was a periodical, published between 1899 and 1917
in Munkacs, Paks and Bonyhad. Its editor was Rabbi Yosef HaCohen
Schwartz. Many Hungarian rabbis (and some >from other countries as
well) of those times took part in it and also rabbis of earlier
generations are mentioned in the periodical.

There's a book, Otzar Kitvei-Eit Toraniim (Bibiography of Hebrew
Rabbinical Periodicals(, which appeared in Israel, Europe, Russia,
China and America during 1691-1948). It was published in 1980 by the
Research Institue of Religious Jewry (New York). This book has
about 7 pages with details about Vailaket Yosef and lists many

Also, you can find the 1907 issue of this periodical on-line !

Shabbat Shalom,
Tomer Brunner, Israel

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