Leib FASS & The SCHaCH #rabbinic

alfred silberman <alsilberman@...>

The Schach in Yoreh Deah Siman 98:2 calls Gershon ASHKENAZI (Avodath
HaGershuni) his mechutan. That is also what the sefer Toldoth
Gedolei Horoah says on page 90.

This relationship is apparently through Leib FASS (I've also seen it
spelled POSS) who was the first father-in-Law of Gershon ASHKENAZI.
This is what it seems to say in "Die Letzte Vertreibung der Juden
Aus Wien und Niederosterreich" page 85 in the footnote.

Does anybody know how Leib FASS was related to the Schach?

Moshe Silberman
Monsey, NY

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