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- Is it possible that the two Pinchas are actually the same one?

- Where is the town Kalik/Kalek located? what is the correct name?

- Any further details about Pinchas of Kalek (any of the two...)
and their / his descendants / ancestors?

- Is it possible that the family name Kalich / Kalech originates
from this town?
Pinchos of Kolk

Kolk is presumably Kolky (51deg 06' N, 25deg 40' E) in Volhynia (now
part of Ukraine), about 30 miles NE of Horochiv and 27 NW of Olyk. It
is about 45 miles E of Ustila (Ustilug).

(Alfasi considers these to be the same person.)

R" Zeiv Wolf of Zhitomir died in 5557 (1797). R' Hersh Leyb of Olyk
died in 5572 (1811).
R' Pinchos of Kolk was R' Zeiv Wolf's son >from his second marriage
(to the daughter of R' Tsvi Hersh MARGOLYES of Mezrich.

R' Pinchos had a daughter Reyzl, who married R' Aharon MALOVITZKI
(Lakhovitsher Rebbe) who died in 5641 (1881).

R' Pinchos KATZENELNBOGEN of Ustila, grandson-in-law of R' Pinchos of
Kolk was the father-in-law of Devora PERLOW (daughter of the
Koidanover Rebbe Shlomo Chayim PERLOW 5557-5622, and a second cousin
of R' Aharon MALOVITZKI, who married her great-aunt)

I guess that R' Sendr Shmuel of Horochov was much older than his
sister Reyzl, and maybe she was born >from a second marriage.

Perets Mett

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