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A. Marmorstein <mehadrin@...>

On 2007.12.28, I quoted the following announcement:

Beth Eked Sefarim---monthly journal for all areas of Torah study and
strengthening of the Jewish faith--- published by Rabbi Yosef Shimon
Pollak in SatuMare Romania. Vol. 9 issue 1-2 5690 (1929)

Announced on the back page----

Our Sages say: The Holy One blessed be He does not rest His presence
except upon the families of established pedigree in Israel
(Kiddushin 40) and we therefore announce that anyone who wishes to
know his ancestry for generations should contact Rabbi Chaim Dov
Gross, the head of a yeshiva in Munkacz and he will receive his
family tree. The author has already received his credentials as an
expert in the field of genealogy with his work 'Chayei Aryeh' about
the family of Rabbi Leib Tzuntz of Plock, printed at the beginning
of the book Melo Ha'omer, and [...]

Rabbin Ch. Ber Gross MUNKACEWA Slovenska
As a follow up, I assume that this is the same person as the Chaim
Yissochor GROSS who wrote a supplement named Tiferes banim Avosam as
a supplement to teh Sefer Be'er Yaakov on Orach Chaim, tracing the
ancestry of Rabbi Chayim Yaakov Kalevi Kraushar (its author) to King

Rabbi Ch B GROSS, is also described as the author of Toldos
Binyamin. I do not know whether that is also a brief genealogy at
the end of a Sefer. he mentions that he was commissioned to write
Tiferes banim Avosam by Rabbi Abraham Kraushar of Brooklyn and his
brother-in-law Rabbi Shmuel Yehuda Spitzer of Munkac.

His footnotes are full of interesting observations and I will mention
just one. the MaHaRSHa - Rav Shmuel Eidlisz, author of famous Talmudic
commentary---is said to have been a descendant of Rabbi Yehuda
HaChassid. He mentions that the source is the responsa Shem Aryeh,
Yoreh Deah 27. Another source is the beginning of the Sefer Shiva
Kenei Hamenorah which lists 22 generations >from Rav Yehuda HaChassid
author of Sefer HaChasidim to MaHaRSHa. Rabbi GROSS observes that he
transcribed this list of ancestors for the author of Avos Atarah
leBanim , but pointed out that he does not think it is a valid chart
and complained that Avos Atarah lebanim reproduced the list without
mentioning that it was of dubious validity.

Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein
New York City

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