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Rabbi Raphael HALPERIN in his encyclopedia Etz Hayim lists haRav
Eliezer WINTNER #2351 as one of the great rabbis of Hungary. He was
rabbi in Breif(sp!) and Av Bet Din in Shtempan (sp!). He was a
disciple of haRav Moshe Sofer. He died in 1893 at the age of 41.
I would appreciate ANY information: scholastic, rabbinic, family,
genealogy, etc.
According to Melitzay Aish (R' Avrohm Stern) he was born in 1811 in
Holacz and became a pupil of the Chasam Sofer in 1826, spending
about ten years in his Pressburg Yeshivah. He married a daughter of
Rabbi Eliezer STRASSER of Raab and became the Rav of Reitz in 1841
and was later Rav of Stampfer where he died on 22 Shevat 1893, i.e.
aged 82.!

He is mentioned in the following work which I do not have:-
Koirois Botenu by R' Moshe Shmuel Herzog (Pressburg 1918) - Kehilla
history of Stampfer.

(All place spellings guessed)

Leslie Reich

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