Reb' Yisrael of Ostraha #rabbinic

yoni and rivka benari <yrcdi@...>

In one of Reb' Aharon Hausman's book (something like Yalkut Divrei
Aharon) when writing about Reb' Asher "Hazaken" of Stolin, he
mentions that his daughter Perl who married Reb' Mordechai , Admo"r
of Lechovitz, had two sons and a daughter. The daughter, Miriam, was
married to Yosef the son of Reb' Yisrael of Ostraha.

Does anyone have any information as to details of this Yisrael
biography. I am a seventh generation descendant of his (not from
the above Yosef).

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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