KRETSCHMANN and ISAKOWITZ from Mitau and Friedrichstadt #courland #latvia

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Here are more and detail biographical dates about: the merchand of the
second guild of Mitau Benjamin (also called Bernhard or Boris) Benzion ben
Joseph (Josephovitsch) KRETSCHMANN. He was born ca. 1800 (in Jelgava/Mitau
or in a lithuanian town/village). He was married since ca. 1828 with Minna
Hanna/Johanna WULFSOHN. She was born ca. 1819 (in Jelgava/Mitau ?). Their
1.) Trine (Katharina ?) KRETSCHMANN, born 1829 in Mitau/Jelgava, married ?,
childs ?, d. ?
2.) Jossel/Joseph KRETSCHMANN, born 1831 in Mitau/Jelgava, married and
childs ?, d. ?
3.) Jette/Henriette Hode KRETSCHMANN, born 1836 in Mitau/Jelgava, married on
Dec.19, 1855 in Riga with Philipp Isaakovitsch KEILMANN, d. Dec. 30.,
1884┬┤in Riga. They had six childrens > Isidor Philipp KEILMANN, Hanna/Olga
Johanna KEILMANN, Lydia Lea KEILMANN, Alexandra KEILMANN, Alexander KEILMANN
and Victori Henrietta ISAKOWITZ, nee KEILMANN.
4.) Eduard/Edward KRETSCHMANN, b. May 29, 1848 in Mitau/Jelgava, married and
childs ?, d. in St.Petersburg ?

Searching for living relativs of my late great-great-grandfather Bernhard
Benzion ben Joseph KRETSCHMANN and my late greatgranduncle David ben Motel

Robert Dupuis

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